Frequently asked questions
What is the price of Bakers?
Bakers does not have a set price. Lower TVL will give you more Bakers per CRO, Higher TVL will give you less Bakers. This creates a level playing field so no baker can be late to work. There is NO calculator available to work this out.
What will my daily percentage be?
Daily percentage is up to 6% This depends on compound habits, the time of day you compound or deposit and TVL fluctuation.
What happens if I always claim?
If you always claim (withdraw) your daily percentage will drop dramatically and will not receive the highest daily returns.
Is compounding more often better, 2 or 3 times a day?
Essentially yes. You will need to pay standard Cronos gas fees for every compound.
Can I get my initial back?
Baked Buns Farmer is a locked rewards pool, so no. You get your initial back over time through the rewards of the dApp.
Does Bakers amount decrease when you claim?
Yes, as long as there is TVL in the contract then there will always be rewards.
How does my referrals work?
If somebody uses your referral link, you get 12% of their rewards, that’s amazing so run and spread to your friends!!.
What prevents the devs from rugging?
The contract is immutable. Therefore, cannot be changed or altered in any way shape or form. It will also be audited and verified.
What's your recommended strategy?
We recommend the tried and tested method as in it is written in the contract. Compound 6 days and claim 1 day a week. It will compound your investment and allow you to receive your initial back quickly.
Last modified 3mo ago
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